March Horoscope

March Horoscope

Jaden Raney, Messenger Reporter

Aries–  This month will be a pivotal time to wrap up any unfinished project or business. If you feel as if you have been slacking a bit towards the beginning of the month, don’t leave everything in a messy place! It will only leave you feeling as if you haven’t put in your best efforts. This can be a hurtful feeling for you, Aries because your actions tend to be ruled by determination and independence, and getting the job done successfully.

Taurus– Your leadership qualities will shine this month, Taurus. You may be afraid of seeming too “bossy” or headstrong, but you will realize that sometimes, you just need to take charge in certain situations. Whether it be a group project, a new goal, or even learning to take control over parts of your life that you have finally worked up the courage to do. Treat yourself!


Gemini– You are likely to find a spring in your step soon, Gemini. This is a time for joy and positive energy! You may feel more active than usual and have the urge to stay busy and productive. You are not one to enjoy wasting valuable time, Gemini, and you will find that the increase in productivity will help you get more things accomplished this month than you did the last.


Cancer– It is never too late to start looking for a new and stable routine, Cancer. You, too, should have a spike in energy and determination this month and use it in a responsible way. You’re usually a spontaneous type of person, but a set routine in the morning or afternoon could really help you feel more put-together. Try having a set time for homework or study.


Leo– Personal success will be an important priority for you this month, Leo. This is likely a very busy time for you, and you have been needing to make decisions about keeping your life in balance. What is most important to you? Could it be relationships and your social life, or is it your work or school life? This month is perfect to get a routine set in place and to get organized.


Virgo–  The Virgo horoscope for this month forecasts many fantastic surprises concerning love and personal relationships. Surround yourself with people that have positive and friendly attitudes, and you will feel an extreme amount of happiness. It will be a switch from the stress you’ve been experiencing lately, and you just might find that joy will show up at your door!


Libra– Though some things soon may be rather challenging, Libra, don’t let your focus shy away from treating others well. Kindness and gratitude will be your best friends this month, and your horoscope foretells that it may be time to concentrate on the emotional aspects of your life.

Scorpio– This is a month filled with plenty of excitement, Scorpio. You may feel your creativity spark and fun plans fill your schedule. You may want to express yourself artistically, and you can do this in a number of ways. Try writing, painting, or drawing to end your days on a relaxing note.


Sagittarius– You will find a burst of confidence this month, Sagittarius. You may want to engage in social situations that involve large groups of people or any sort of energetic activity. As the weather grows warmer, you will feel the great need to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D! Walking or hiking is also a great way to clear your head.


Capricorn– It’s time to clear your mind of all things stressful, Capricorn. Make sure to find ways to keep yourself motivated and get your work done so that you can embrace all of the positive and fun things that come with the season. You also may feel extra generous. You are one to take care of your friends and loved ones.


Aquarius-  You may spend quite a lot of time thinking of the past this month, Aquarius. Each time you find yourself wrapped up in something that happened long ago, remember that the present is far more important and your future is bright. Don’t let anyone’s negative attitudes or your own conflicting emotions affect you! Embrace your strength.


Pisces– Don’t let yourself get lazy this month, Pisces! Though things may be winding down, your work ethic should not! Daydreaming isn’t ever anything you should avoid doing, but make sure to balance your responsibilities and fun.