Caleb Buford

Caleb Buford, Messenger Reporter & Business Manager

January 23rd, 2018 marks a tragic day in history for Marshall County High School. A 15 year old student from Marshall County opened fire with a handgun at 7:57 AM. 19 people were shot & injured, including 2 deceased due to gunshot wounds. January 23rd was a tragic day for many people throughout our area, along with widespread panic, shock, and uncertainty. Soon after reports of a school shooting occurred that morning, many received messages, saw posts, and heard by word of mouth of the events that were happening. Around 8:30 AM, news sources from around the globe started to publicize the information. “At least 5 injured,” the headline read on an article from CBS, while rumors were floating around that there were 2 gunman. At this exact time, no information from the state police was released to the public. At 8:43 AM, Governor Matt Bevin tweeted, “Tragic shooting at Marshall County HS…Shooter is in custody, one confirmed fatality, multiple others wounded…Much yet unknown…Please do not speculate or spread hearsay…Let’s let the first responders do their job and be grateful that they are there to do it for us…”
When the tragic events occur in small cities and counties, it affects everyone in that area and those around it. Some students of McCracken knew students from Marshall, and to think what their friends have been through is tough. Some know those who are injured and those who are deceased. We are all in shock and disbelief, and some believe it’s crazy to think that these events can occur in small, rural areas like ours.
At this time, we all need to be supporting the efforts of recovery for all of those who are involved in the events and the aftermath of this devastating tragedy. We need to ignore all of those around the country trying to make it political, trying to make this incident a way to prove others wrong about the right to bear arms. Just ignore the people making rude & joking comments about what has happened. Now is a time for grieving.
Many groups in our area have held prayer vigils and other services to help those in grief and those who need help coping. Some local companies are collecting donations to help those in the community who are currently recovering. This is a time where we need to come together to support surrounding communities. The time may be tough, we need to help each other. #MarshallStrong