Trey Pullen – A Shining Star

Kaitlyn Craig and Kenzie Crane

If you are looking for someone with positivity, flair, and a good head on their shoulders, Trey Pullen is definitely a good individual to look to. From being on stage, to in the classroom, he always lights up the room with his unique and fun personality. Trey’s favorite quote says it all. “You cannot spell extraordinary without extra.” He explained that though he is “extra” as in he does the most, he is also extra as in works extra hard and is extra nice.

Trey Pullen has been a part of the theatre department here at MCHS for all four years of his high school career, but it didn’t start there. “It was always a hobby as a child, but I didn’t really delve into it until I joined Mainstage School of Performing Arts and the McCracken County High School Theatre Department I learned that I had a passion for this and something I see myself doing for the rest of my life.” Trey relayed when asked about his theatrical beginnings. He has even decided to make his passion for performing into a career. In the future, he says that his main career goal is to just make an artistic impact in whatever way possible. “Because of the way the world is now, art is one of the most important things, and specifically the way I want to make my impact is just to be performing in some capacity and influencing an audience in some way.” Trey also eventually wants to teach children in the arts and pay it forward to all of the teachers who have had an impact on him throughout his life. In college, he will be pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre. This program is a very hard one to get into, especially at the schools known for their theatre departments. “Auditioning for college musical theatre programs is a crazy stressful time, but it is so rewarding and worth it. I was also very lucky to have my friends right alongside me, because it can be a tough time.” Trey added. Trey has not chosen a school to attend yet, but he is sure to do fantastic wherever he ends up. “Wherever I end up is where I know I am meant to be.”

Trey has not became the person he is today all by himself. He has had a lot of wonderful teachers and role models along the way. When asked who a teacher is who has had an impact on him, Trey quickly answered, “Wheeler Hughes has been one of the most influential people that I’ve ever encountered in my life. She’s an amazing artistic role model and she has taught me to believe in myself and to persevere through tough situations. She inspires me everyday, she is so strong.” Trey also mentioned some other mentors who have had a big impact on him personally. These people include Mary Bowden, Carlyn Zimmerman, Megan Hughes.

When asked about what advice he would give his freshman self, Trey responded, “I would say be fearlessly and unapologetically yourself. And don’t be the one to keep someone else from being that way. And to surround yourself with people who have a positive impact on you, not a negative one.” Trey has definitely grown and matured a lot throughout his high school career, and we all know he is going to go on and do great things. So let’s support him throughout the final stretch of his time here at MCHS!